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Binary Director

You can find a nice video tutorial on the official website for the director here:

Binary Manager

FAQ for the Manager and Director

Q: What are the Binary Manager and Director? Are they bots?

A binary is just a program compiled to run on your computer... NeatBot.exe is a binary - or binary bot, as we like to call it. Both the Binary Manager and the Binary Director are programs that will allow you to setup profiles for each binary bot you would normally run. With these profiles you can start, stop, restart, and even set the bots to auto-run. The Manager/Director itself is not a bot, you will need to download the binary bot also.

Q: Is the Binary Manager or Director required to use the binary bots?

No. You are free to run and use the bots without either of them, but if you run multiple accounts or servers, this will be very helpful to you. If you're not going to use the Manager or Director, you should keep a seperate folder for each account and/or server, so that when you run the NeatBot.exe you will not have to type in the login details each time. If using the Manager or Director, you're able to keep only 1 folder for all accounts to share.

Q: Can I use the Binary Manager or Director on my Linux or Mac OSX machine?

No. At this time they only work for Windows operating systems. You should be able to emulate it with WINE or similar Windows emulators on another OS. The menu links to your left will take you to a guide for setting up multiple bots with Mac OSX written by DarioJames.

Q: What is .NET Framework 4 and why do I need it?

If you're getting a message from the Binary Manager that it needs .NET Framework 4 installed, go to and download it. The Manager needs the files from that in order to run on your computer. The Binary Director will not need these files.

Q: How do I update the Manager or Director? Or the bots I use with it?

This is super easy and why they are a great idea to use with multiple accounts. For the Manager or Director, download the new version and drop it into the folder where the old one is, allow the new version to overwrite the old one, restart it. For the Manager only you can also opt to run the auto-updater to allow it to download the updates for you. Future versions of the Manager are planned to update themselves automatically.

To update to a new NeatBot.exe, download the new version, shutdown all your currently running bots, and drop it in the folder. Run the Binary Manager or Director and click the "Change" button at the bottom [see Setup above] and select the new NeatBot.exe you just downloaded. Now restart your bots and they'll be using this new one.

Q: Will I lose my goals if I start using this?

Maybe, but not because of the Manager or the Director. The Manager and Director themselves do not save your goals, all they do is help you to manage the bots you run.

Q: Do I need to keep the Binary Manager or Director running while using my bots?

You need to turn on the Manager or Director in order to launch your bots if they're not currently running. Afterwards you can close it or leave it running, your choice. You can close bots by clicking the "x" on the top right corner of their windows if you wish, or you can close them through the Manager or Director interface.

However, both the Manager and Director have options to automatically restart your bots on a schedule, and the Director has an option to automatically restart your bots if they begin using too much computer RAM. These restart options require the Manager or Director to be running.

Q: Can the binary manager be used for anything other than bots?

The Binary Manager opens the selected exe with the name you added as a parameter. As long as you know what this means, you can use it on what ever file you like.