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Usage: train <type:quantity> <hero> <barracks_id|all|idle> <minquantity>
Example: train w:25000 atk

Train 25,000 warriors with the best availible attack hero as mayor.

  • Troop types cannot be combined.
  • If the quantity is more than you can actually build based on res or pop, it will build as many as it can.
  • The hero can be "any", "atk" (for the best available attack hero), or named.
  • You can specify a barrack (the #s can be found in the production tab), use "all" or "idle" barracks only.
The last value says: 'If I can't train this many, don't train any'

Not all parameters are required. Setting production before and after is recommended, but there is no need to manually change the mayor. The bot will temporarily assign the hero indicated to train, then reassign the original mayor when done.

train a:5000 will train up to 5k arch in all barracks.

train a:999999 ace idle 20000 will train as many as possible, but not less than 20k, in all idle barracks with ace as mayor

Training via script will train in the same manner as the client. The values set in goals like...

  • config troopqueuetime:.25
  • config troopsusepopmax:0.99
  • config troopsusereserved:.75
  • config troopincrement:.15

...will be ignored.

train w:25000 atk 18 25000 will train 25k warrior in one slot.

Using all or idle will perform the same as the client, not distribute blocks of 500 warriors into 9 slots of 8 different barracks.

In all instances training via script uses no more than 1 barracks slot per barrack per train command.


Usage: disband troop
Example: disband w:25

Disband 25 warriors.


Usage: healtroops
Example: healtroops

Heal any troops that are in the medic camp.


Usage: dumptroop xxx,yyy condition troops
Example: dumptroop 111,222 a:99000,s:50000 a:20000,s:15000

Dump 20,000 archers and 15,000 scouts to 111,222 when there are at least 99,000 archers and 50,000 scouts in the city.


Usage: canceltroopqueues [remain_count]

canceltroopqueues 2

Used to cancel troop queues, leaving remain_count batches in each barrack.

If no remain_count is provided, all batches except the first in each barrack are removed.


Usage: walldefense DefType Qty [BuildType]

walldefense at 1000
walldefense ab 1000 demo

Used to build or demolish wall defences.


Usage: clearwallqueue [remain count]

clearwallqueue 2

Used to cancel fortifications queues, leaving remain_count batches. If no remain_count is provided, all batches except the first are removed.

(this may be outdated, try cancelfortifications instead)


Usage: EndKeepTroop
Example: EndKeepTroop

Cancel the KeepTroop command.