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Main City Goals

The bot will recognize your oldest city as your main city. The one with an asterix (*) by the name is the main city. There are a few config settings that are only placed in the main city.


Usage: config resetfarminghistoryonstartup:[switch]

config resetfarminghistoryonstartup:1

This goal will tell the bot to reset it's farming history, and begin again anew, each time you restart the bot. By default the bot will remember where it left off in the farming cycle when it's restarted.


Usage: schedulepolicy start_time end_time [start_time end_time start_time end_time]

schedulepolicy 06:00 12:00

This policy will tell the bot to start and stop performing actions during certain times of the day. In the example above, the bot would run from 6 to 12, and stop the rest of the time. You can add multiple start and end times to this policy, eg: schedulepolicy 06:00 12:00 17:00 23:00.

Every City Goals


Usage: processignpolicy [/start:hh:mm[:ss] [/end:hh:mm[:ss]] policy-list

processingpolicy t b r a n
processingpolicy buildnpc valleyacquisition npcfarming
processingpolicy /start:13:00:00 /end:13:59:59 medalhunting


q = resque
b = buildnpc
v = valleyfarming
n = npcfarming
s = safevalleyfarming
a = valleyacquisition
m = medalhunting
t = sendtroops
r = sendresources

This policy will allow you to instruct the bot the order in which it will perform it's functions. In the first example above, the bot will send troops if/as goals specify, then build npcs, then transport resources, then capture valleys for production, then npc farm... all of it before any other normal processing is done. In the second example above, the bot will first build npcs, then capture valleys for production, then npc farm... all before any other normal processing is done. In the third example above, the bot will put medal farming as the first priority before others, during the hour between 1PM to 2PM. The use of ! is also allowed to deny a certain process from happening, eg: processingpolicy /start:13:00:00 /end:13:59:59 !medalhunting to disallow medal farming between 1PM and 2PM.


Usage: config comfort:[switch]

config comfort:1

Enable the comfort goal and the bot will automagiclly perform comforting on your city as it is required. This goal along with config gate:[time], config hiding:[time], config npc:[level] all working together can make it so your cities are virtually impossible to capture. With comforting activated the bot will raise loyalty, reduce grievance, adjust tax rates to prevent riots, and perform misc. comforting actions as specified in compfortpolicy. This goal is required in order to use comfortpolicy.


Usage: comfortpolicy min_time max_time [options]

comfortpolicy 15 20 popraise pray


gold, go
stone, st
iron, ir
food, fo
wood, lumber, wo, lu
popraise, po
bless, bl
pray, pr
relief, dr

This policy will tell the bot to, in the example above, perform population raising if needed every 15-20 minutes, and if not needed then pray every 15-20 minutes. You may include any levying or comforting option in this, eg: comfortpolicy 15 20 popraise food pray, to have the bot perform population raising if needed every 15-20 minutes, and if not then levy food every 15-20 minutes and follow with a prayer every 15-20 minutes.

Multiple types of resources can be listed for levying, it will cycle through them each time.


Usage: distancepolicy npc_farming npc_building medal_farming valley_capturing map_scanning

distancepolicy 10 20 5 25 25

This policy will tell the bot how far, in miles, it may go from your city to perform these actions in order. This number must be a whole number between 5 and 50.

The valley capturing distance also specifies how far the bot may go to farm valleys safely.


Usage: rallypolicy policytype:[level:]:maximumslots [policytype:[level:]:maximumslots]

rallypolicy n:10:1 n:8 v:1


n = npc farming
b = buildnpc
v = valleyfarming
m = medal hunting
t = troop transfer
r = resource transfer (non-emergency)
a = valley acquisition

This policy will allow you to instruct the bot how many of each mission can be done at the rally. This does not reserve rally spots for these tasks, it merely limits how many it can do at one time. Rallypolicy counts both returning and marching missions in it's total.

You could, for example, do rallypolicy n:10:1 n:6 v:5 b:2, which would instruct your bot that it may use up to 1 slot for npc10s, 6 slots total for npcs (which would count the npc10 as one of them), 5 slots for valley farming/medal hunting, and 2 slots for npc building. You won't need a lvl 13 rally spot for this to work. Whichever task is performed first can use UP TO that many slots, then the next task will use UP TO it's limit or the rally spot limit, so on and so forth until your rally spots are all in use, the rallypolicy limit is reached for every task, or your tasks are all in progress.


Usage: taxpolicy min_rate max_rate

taxpolicy 20 100

This policy will tell the bot the range of tax you want set. The example above would maintain a minimum 20% tax rate and 100% maximum rate. If the bot detects that additional gold is necessary to prevent a revolt, it will increase the tax rate as necessary, up to "max_rate". The default values are 0 (min) and 100 (max). A default of 0 (min) allows the bot to maintain maximum population. Players with established accounts will probably wish to use the defaults.


Usage: config nohealing:[switch]

config nohealing:1

When this goal is turned on, it will tell your bot that you do not want it to heal injured troops in the medic camp.


Usage: reportstokeep items(0|1) valley.HighLoss npc5.HighLoss npc10.LowLoss npc10.HighLoss

reportstokeep 1 a:500 b:1 a:3800 a:6000

This directive will tell the bot which reports you want it to keep. In the above example, any report with a treasure acquired will be kept because the first number is set to "1". Any valley attack report will be kept if the archers lost in it are 500 or more. Any npc5 attack report will be kept if 1 or more ballista are lost. Any npc10 report will be kept if the archers lost are lower than 3.8k or higher than 6k. All other reports will be read and deleted by the bot. You can set these numbers to 0 in order to have it keep every report, eg: reportstokeep 1 a:0 b:0 a:0 a:0.


Usage: excludelist coord1 coord2 [...] coordX

excludelist 111,222 111,333 111,444

This directive will tell the bot to exclude anything at those coordinates. No npc farming runs, valley acquisition runs, valley farming runs, npc building missions, or flat acquisition runs will be sent to these coordinates. This single goal can (and in the future will completely) replace noabandonflats, npcexcludelist, and npc10excludelist.


Usage: noabandonflats flat1 flat2 [...] flatX

noabandonflats 111,222 111,333 111,444

This directive is now obsolete. Please use excludelist instead.


Usage: config abandon:[switch]

config abandon:1

This goal tells the bot that you are planning to abandon this city. The bot will destroy all troops, wall defenses, and queues in the city and will lower loyalty by levying and adjusting the tax rate upwards. The bot will not perform comforting actions on the city with this goal set. This is useful when you plan to give a city away or abandon it. The bot will not automatically abandon the city once it reaches 0 loyalty.

WARNING!!! You should run evacuatetown in the scripts window before you set this goal!