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Usage: ListMedals
Example: ListMedals

List the currently held medals.


Usage: ListItems
Example: ListItems

Lists the currently help Items.


Usage: ListCommands
Example: ListCommands

Lists available commands.


Usage: ListBuffs
Example: ListBuffs

Lists currently applied buffs.


Usage: ListAllHeroes
Example: ListAllHeroes

Displays a list of all heroes, their stats, and their experience totals for every city.

10:29:24 Running line 1
10:29:24 CityA Queen Lvl:193 [P:254 A:67 I:21] exp:4737560/3724900
10:29:24 CityA Farmer1 Lvl:297 [P:27 A:363 I:21] exp:10180331/8820900
10:29:24 CityA Farmer2 Lvl:272 [P:40 A:347 I:29] exp:6284228/7398400
10:29:24 CityA Farmer3 Lvl:232 [P:25 A:301 I:32] exp:9425996/5382400
10:29:24 CityB Queen Lvl:189 [P:246 A:6 I:41] exp:6928622/3572100
10:29:24 CityB Farmer1 Lvl:321 [P:54 A:389 I:25] exp:7885243/10304100
10:29:24 CityB Farmer2 Lvl:285 [P:47 A:354 I:18] exp:12535167/8122500
10:29:24 CityB Farmer4 Lvl:254 [P:26 A:323 I:47] exp:8160739/6451600
10:29:24 CityC Queen Lvl:210 [P:272 A:22 I:46] exp:8125870/4410000
10:29:24 CityC BigGuy Lvl:346 [P:21 A:414 I:46] exp:8467980/11971600
10:29:24 CityC Farmer1 Lvl:219 [P:14 A:288 I:25] exp:8049178/4796100
10:29:24 CityC Farmer2 Lvl:213 [P:26 A:282 I:33] exp:9054832/4536900
10:29:25 Finished script


Usage: scanmap location radius
Example: scanmap 111,222 30

Used to scan an area of the map for use by other search functions.


Usage: rescanmap location radius
Example: rescanmap 111,222 30

Used to update previously scanned areas.


Usage: scanrec x1,y1 x2,y2
Example: scanrec 25,50 50,75

Used to scan a map rectangle, where x1,y1 is the top left corner, x2,y2 is the bottom right corner.


Usage: findfield type level radius
Example: findfield npc 5 10

Example above would find all lvl 5 NPCs in a 10 mile radius.

Possible field types are castle, NPC, forest, desert, hill, swamp, grassland, lake, or flat.

N.B. You can verify ownership with the inline command \loc xxx,yyy

Findfield can further be utilized to create an attack script to all the matching fields it finds by appending your hero choice and troops after the search radius as follows:

findfield hill 10 20 any s:100000

results in:

18:24:55 Found 38 hill level 10 within a 20 mile radius around 423, 246
18:24:55 Copy and paste this into the script window

attack 422,241 any s:100000 //Distance: 5.09 Mission time: 01m:41
attack 424,240 any s:100000 //Distance: 6.08 Mission time: 02m:01
attack 423,239 any s:100000 //Distance: 7 Mission time: 02m:20
attack 416,249 any s:100000 //Distance: 7.61 Mission time: 02m:32
attack 424,238 any s:100000 //Distance: 8.06 Mission time: 02m:41
attack 432,246 any s:100000 //Distance: 9 Mission time: 03m:00
attack 429,255 any s:100000 //Distance: 10.81 Mission time: 03m:36
attack 412,245 any s:100000 //Distance: 11.04 Mission time: 03m:40
attack 434,249 any s:100000 //Distance: 11.4 Mission time: 03m:48
attack 433,252 any s:100000 //Distance: 11.66 Mission time: 03m:53
attack 427,235 any s:100000 //Distance: 11.7 Mission time: 03m:54
attack 431,255 any s:100000 //Distance: 12.04 Mission time: 04m:00
attack 435,242 any s:100000 //Distance: 12.64 Mission time: 04m:12
attack 432,237 any s:100000 //Distance: 12.72 Mission time: 04m:14
attack 432,255 any s:100000 //Distance: 12.72 Mission time: 04m:14
attack 424,233 any s:100000 //Distance: 13.03 Mission time: 04m:20
attack 431,235 any s:100000 //Distance: 13.6 Mission time: 04m:32
attack 435,253 any s:100000 //Distance: 13.89 Mission time: 04m:37
attack 418,233 any s:100000 //Distance: 13.92 Mission time: 04m:38
attack 435,255 any s:100000 //Distance: 15 Mission time: 05m:00
attack 437,252 any s:100000 //Distance: 15.23 Mission time: 05m:04
attack 435,236 any s:100000 //Distance: 15.62 Mission time: 05m:12
attack 416,232 any s:100000 //Distance: 15.65 Mission time: 05m:13
attack 436,255 any s:100000 //Distance: 15.81 Mission time: 05m:16
attack 436,237 any s:100000 //Distance: 15.81 Mission time: 05m:16
attack 432,259 any s:100000 //Distance: 15.81 Mission time: 05m:16
attack 439,249 any s:100000 //Distance: 16.27 Mission time: 05m:25
attack 424,263 any s:100000 //Distance: 17.02 Mission time: 05m:40
attack 424,229 any s:100000 //Distance: 17.02 Mission time: 05m:40
attack 434,260 any s:100000 //Distance: 17.8 Mission time: 05m:56
attack 441,243 any s:100000 //Distance: 18.24 Mission time: 06m:04
attack 436,259 any s:100000 //Distance: 18.38 Mission time: 06m:07
attack 419,228 any s:100000 //Distance: 18.43 Mission time: 06m:08
attack 436,232 any s:100000 //Distance: 19.1 Mission time: 06m:22
attack 435,261 any s:100000 //Distance: 19.2 Mission time: 06m:24
attack 418,227 any s:100000 //Distance: 19.64 Mission time: 06m:32
attack 404,240 any s:100000 //Distance: 19.92 Mission time: 06m:38
attack 407,234 any s:100000 //Distance: 20 Mission time: 06m:40
//Accumulated mission time: 2h:57m:46

Note that no effort is made to determine valley ownership. It is advised to run the inline \loc command prior to running the resulting script, as valley stealing is bad Evony ettiquitte.


Usage: travelinfo coord troop
Example: travelinfo 111,222 cav:10,cata:10

Used to find attack & reinforce times, food consumptions and load carrying capabilities of defined troops.