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Usage: create buildingtype [position id]

create cottage
create fo
create barrack
create a 0
create embassy 2

Create is used to build a building on an empty space, if there are no spaces to build, the create command will attempt to create a building until there is one and eventually time out. The Create command will automatically speed up the construction process for those buildings that are less than 5 minutes build time. In other words, for those buildings, like a cottage, that can be instantly built, Create will do this. The create command will perform several checks before it creates a building, it will first check to see if another construction is underway and automatically sleep until that construction is done, it also checks for resources, and if none are present, will sleep until they are.

A specific position ID can be given with create for building, as shown in the 4th and 5th examples above. Use the following numbers for each tile:

PositionID 1.png PositionID 2.png

Click here to see a list of building types and abbreviations.


Usage: demo buildingtype levelX

demo cottage
demo forge level10
demo saw highestlevel

The demo command will demolish a building by one level at a time, you cannot use dynamite with this command. It is also important to note that you must specify the demolition of a level 10 building, either by using the level10 argument or highestlevel 10. As with the upgrade command, demo will not do anything to a level 10 building unless specifically told to do so. The above example will demo 5 cottages to level 9, the proceed by demo'ing these cottages to the ground. Another way of doing this is using the highest/lowestlevel building argument, and making sure that you repeat command only repeats enough times to accommodate 5 level 10 cottages.

Click here to see building types. Click here to see building policies.


Usage: demosite [position ID]

demosite 36

The demosite command allows you to demolish the building located at a specific position in your city. Demosite is equivalent to running "demo [bldg] level10" followed by "demo [bldg]" nine times. It is not eqivalent to using dynamite (there is no bot command to dynamite a bldg.) It will simply run 'demo' auomatically until the building is gone.

The level or type of building doesn't matter with demosite. Position IDs can be found under the Create script command.

For rennovating the newly capped Barbarian city:

NPC Locations
Position: Building
0 Academy
1 Forge
2 Embassy
3 Feasting Hall
4 Market Place
5 Beacon Tower
6 Stable
7 Inn
8 Rally Spot
9 Relief Station
10 Workshop
11 Barracks
12-31 Cottage
1001-1037 Farm
1038 Sawmill
1039 Quarry
1040 Iron Mine


Usage: upgrade buildingtype levelX

upgrade cottage
upgrade barrack level8
upgrade farm lowestlevel

Upgrades an existing building. In order to create a level 10 building, which requires the use of a Michaelangelos Script, you must first have a building currently at level 9, a Michs Script in your inventory, and you must specify level10 in the upgrade command.

the commands:
upgrade iron

will only build all your iron mines to level 9 and stop. you must specify

upgrade iron level9

to create a level 10 building.

Building Types


academy - a
barrack - b
beacon tower - be
cottage - c
embassy - e
feasting hall - fh
forge - fo
farm - f
sawmill - s
quarry - q
iron mine - i
inn - inn
market - m
rally spot - r
relief station - rs
stable - st
town hall - t
wall - w
warehouse - wh
workshop - ws

Building Policies

Reference material for the Construction Commands

Building Policies are for defining arguments of level, in such, these are the building policies that can be used for the label levelX listed in the syntax usage of each construction command. (Currently, there are no options for the create command, it defaults to the first available “lot” to create a building): levelX whereas you input a desired level between 1 and 10 (IE level1; level5) with no space Used with upgrade command Used with demo command

lowestlevel whereas you input the desired “up to that” level in place of X (optional). This policy selects buildings that are the lowest levels to perform the argued command (IE upgrade cottage !lowestlevel) (must have space) Used with upgrade command Used with demo command

highestlevel whereas you input the desired “up to that” level in place of X (optional). This policy selects buildings that are the highest levels to perform the argued command (IE demo cottage !highestlevel) (must have space)

Used with upgrade command Used with demo command

X Optional augment for policy arguments, it allows to specify a level to be equal to or greater than/less than the desired level to be upgraded or demolished. level level10 will demo to level 9, it will upgrade to level 10 using a mich script

Level specification now has abbreviations, you can now use hi for highestlevel, lo for lowest level and le for level.

Using highestlevel or level10 arguments will utilize a mich script when used with the upgrade command. The only way to demolish a level 10 building is to use highestlevel or level10