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Usage: cleannpcreports
Example: cleannpcreports

This command will go through your army attack reports and delete all attack and return reports for Barbarian cities as well as transport reports. Use a command like this if you send out mass amounts of NPC farming attacks.

This command will clean all reports generated, not just the ones from the running city.


Usage: cleanreports searchstring

cleanreports barbarian
cleanreports troops,lake

This command will go through your reports searching both 'Subject' & 'To' Headers, & deleting anything that matches your searchstring from them.

This command will clean all reports generated, not just the ones from the running city.


Usage: completequests questtype

completequests daily
completequests routine

CompleteQuests will automatically complete any quests that you have available to complete, and receive the awards that come from the quests. It can only be used in one city, you cannot have multiple instances of the command running in others.

Using completequests routine will force the bot to accept promotions that are pending.

Also - CompleteQuests daily


Usage: useitem itemname

useitem Ivory Horn
useitem player.attackinc.1.b

To use an item. You may use the common name (ie - Chain Helm of Beowulf) or the internal item id (ie -

To use an amulet, you can type any of the following:
useitem amulet
useitem amulet5
useitem amulet 3
useitem Aries Amulet
or useitem

Please note the bot will attempt to buy items you don't have if you tell it to use it. Don't spin your cents away carelessly.


Usage: buyitem itemname
Example: buyitem Ivory Horn

To buy an item.


Usage: truce
Example: truce

To truce your account. This command is the same as typing useitem Truce Agreement. You can optionally use the /force switch (ie - truce /force) to double truce or truce while still in truce cooldown.