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NeatBot is an Evony helper.

  • NeatBot can build npcs for you, and do your npc farming.
  • NeatBot can manage your heroes for you.
  • NeatBot can queue troops for you.
  • NeatBot can acquire, farm, and hunt medals for you from valleys.
  • NeatBot can manage your resources via market trading and shipping them city to city.
  • NeatBot can build your city and do your research for you on new accounts.
  • NeatBot has powerful defensive features for your city such as comforting, defensepolicy, and gatecontrol...
  • NeatBot can build fortifications for defense on your walls.

NeatBot is not a replacement for you.

  • NeatBot cannot decide what is the best defense for your city.
  • NeatBot cannot do what you forget to tell it to do.
  • NeatBot cannot fix your poorly written goals or scripts to prevent you from doing something stupid.
  • NeatBot cannot teach you how to use itself, please read the forums/guide.
  • NeatBot cannot teach you game mechanics or make you a good player, it just gives you the foundation to be able to be that.
  • NeatBot cannot ever be as good as you - so don't forget to PLAY your account in between all the botting.

Disclaimer by Inanna

This wiki is, quite obviously, used from sources ranging as far back as Evobot's Wiki and as recent as YAEB's Wiki (which I also wrote). No infringement upon anyone's copywrites or intellectual property is intended. YAEB was branched from the AutoEvony project, AutoEvony came from Evobot, and I'm sure in the future some other bot will be taken from NeatBot. Such is the way of the internet. Thank you to all who came in the past to bring this bot and this wiki into the present, and will take it into the future. Credit freely given where credit is due.