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Usage: checkresearch
Example: checkresearch

Prints out a list of research techs that can be researched in the city. This list is relative to the city where the command is run, meaning CheckResearch will validate all of the tech and their requirements then make sure that the city meets those requirements. Only the techs that have all of their requirements met will be listed.


Usage: startresearch techname or research speed/cost

startresearch compass
startresearch quickest
startresearch construction
startresearch dearest

This command will perform a research of the valid tech argument in the city that it is run from. As an option, you can run a checkresearch command to see what is available to you, this will allow you to tailor the script to something that you are currently not researching, but this command is just a visual for the end user, as the research command itself invisibly performs this check automatically.

Research Arguments

Shortand Longhand Description
quickest Selects the tech with the shortest research time.
cheapest Selects the tech with the lowest gold cost.
dearest Selects the tech with the highest gold cost.
ag agriculture Research Agriculture
lu lumbering Research Lumbering
mas masonry Research Masonry
mi mining Research Mining
met metal Research Metal Casting
in info Research Informatics
ms militaryscience Research Military Science
mt militarytradition Research Military Tradition
ir ironwork Research Iron Working
lo logistics Research Logistics
com compass Research Compass
ho horseback Research Horseback Riding
ar archery Research Archery
st stockpile Research Stockpile
med medicine Research Medicine
con construct Research
en engineer Research Engineering
mac machinery Research Machinery
pr privateer Research Privateering