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Usage: config gate:[minutes]

config gate:1
config gate:0.1

With this option activated the bot will open and close the gates depending on the type of attack waves approaching the city. Town defence is quite complex, the bot can defend your city when it is strong, weak, or extremely weak. In general, if you have 300,000 archers the bot will allow scout bombs to hit, below 100,000 archers the bot will close the gate when attacked but will open the gate to deal with small loyalty attacks. When used along with gatepolicy, you can instruct the bot what types of attacks to open for, and what to close for.

Note that the bot cannot properly work your gates if there is a time desync between your computer and the server, or server lag causing a delay. Split second timing is only possible with split second synchronization. In the 1st example above, the bot would open or close gates 1 minute before an incoming attack. In the 2nd example, the bot would open or close gates 0.1 minutes, or 6 seconds, before an incoming attack.

When you first log into the server with the bot, or when you click Refresh on the bot, it will show you the time delay:

14:18:48 Logged in successfully, server time difference: -23.756s
14:18:48 Your current computer time: 02:19:11 PM

If this number is higher than your config gate setting, then the bot will open/close the gates too early or too late. You should adjust your computer clock to match the server time more closely.


Usage: gatepolicy <no attack> <regular attack> <scout bomb> <mixed attack> <maintenance>

gatepolicy 2 1 2 0 1


0 - Bot's Choice
1 - Open Gate
2 - Close Gate

This policy sets the actions to be taken by your bot in controlling the gate when your city is under attack. In order for gatepolicy to operate, you must use config gate. The bot can respond by deciding on it's own if it should open/close, always opening, or always closing the gates for each type of scenario: no attack, regular attack, scout bomb, mixed attack, and maintenance with this policy. In the example above: with no incoming attacks the bot will always keep gates closed, with regular incoming attacks will always keep gates open, with an incoming scout bomb will always close gates, with a mixed attack (some scout bombs, some regular attacks) will decide on it's own whether to open or close, and for maintenance it will always open gates.


Usage: defensepolicy [/switches]

defensepolicy /junktroop:500 /usespeech:5 /usetruce:2 /usewarhorn:1 /usecorselet:1 /usepenicillin:0



This policy allows the player to control various defensive capabilities of the bot. Additional options will be added to this command in future revisions.

The /junktroop switch allows the player to set the number of troops under which an attack is considered junk. The default is 1000 if not specified.
The /usespeech and /usetruce switches allow the player to designate the use of truce agreements or speech texts at the specified loyalty.
The /usepenicillin, /usewarhorn, and /usecorselet switches allow the player to have the bot automatically apply these items when under attack.


Usage: config embassy:[value]

config embassy:1

This goal allows you to instruct the bot how you want your embassy box checked. 1 will keep the embassy always open, 0 will keep the embassy always closed, and 2 will open the embassy only during an attack and shortly after an attack based on the config defensecooldown setting. Default is '1' for always open.


Usage: config defensecooldown:[minutes]

config defensecooldown:30

This goal allows you to instruct how long after an attack hits you or is recalled for it to keep the embassy open when using config embassy:2. Junk attacks are ignored for this goal. The default is 30 minutes.


Usage: config attackgap:[seconds]

config attackgap:3

This goal allows you to instruct the bot how many seconds in between attacking waves constitutes as a seperate attack for purposes of evasion. With the example above,the bot will consider all attacks at least 3 seconds apart as seperate attacks, and try to evade each of them. If the time between is less, it will evade them together only once. The default attackgap is 6 seconds, if this goal is not set.


Usage: config hiding:[minutes]

config hiding:1.5

When enabled, the hiding goal will attempt to hide resources and excess troop when under attack by moving a rainbow and resources. This will ensure you have sufficient resources and troops to continue defending. This goal is very useful when your city is still weak, if there are a lot of archers in your city hiding is not effective. The bot requires a hero available in the town to send the evasion attack for the rainbow. If all heroes are out farming or the rally spots are all full, hiding will fail.

In the example above, the bot will attempt to hide troops and resources 1.5 minutes prior to the attack landing.


Usage: config warrules:[minutes]

config warrules:1

Activating this goal will send a message in alliance chat to your alliance giving them minimal information regarding an incoming attack on your city.

When the first non-junk attack is sent, the bot will send the message to alliance chat. It will send updates with changes in attacks or new attacks every X minutes as specified in the goal. If no new attacks are added, or current attacks are changed, then it will only send a reminder every X*5 minutes as specified in the goal.


Usage: config wartown:[switch]

config wartown:1

With this goal enabled, the bot will "lockdown" most troop movements in preparation of war. No npc farming runs, keepresource/sendresource, or keeptroop/sendtroop goals will be performed with this enabled. The bot will also recall all marching farm runs back to the city. When this goal is set to 1, the traininghero may move freely into and out of the city. When this goal is set to 2, the traininghero will remain in the city if/when it lands there.


Usage: config monitorarmy:[switch]

config monitorarmy:1

This goal will instruct your bot to check the target to make sure it's the same as it was when you launched the attack.. if not recall.


Usage: wartownpolicy start_time end_time [start_time end_time start_time end_time]

wartownpolicy 06:00 12:00

This policy will tell the bot to cease attacks on npcs, valleys, etc. and keep all resource and troop transport missions home in preparation of war at a set schedule. In the example above, the bot would halt all farming attacks and troop/resource transport missions from 6 to 12, and perform as normal the rest of the time. You can add multiple start and end times to this policy, eg: wartownpolicy 06:00 12:00 5:00 23:00. This policy may be wise to use in conjunction with schedulepolicy so that you can ensure your farm runs are completed and home (and therefore troops healed) before the bot shuts down at a set schedule.

Note: This policy has no effect unless config wartown:1 or config wartown:2 is set.