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Usage: comfort comforttype

comfort pray
comfort 1
comfort bless
comfort 4

Performs one of the comfort commands in the city that it is run from.


1 relief
2 pray
3 bless
4 popraise


Usage: levy levytype

levy 1
levy food
levy 3
levy stone
levy 5

Performs one of the levy actions in the city run from.


1 gold
2 food
3 wood
4 stone
5 iron


Usage: settaxrate rate%
Example: settaxrate 20

Sets Tax Rate to 20%


Usage: production food% wood% stone% iron%
Example: production 100 100 100 100

Sets city production of resources. You must use a number between 0 and 100. This script will also adjust the corresponding goal of the same name.


Usage: setfocus
Example: setfocus

The bot functions in a linear manner, moving from one city to the next after a given amount of time. The setfocus command will cause the bot to immediately focus on the city from which the command is issued for one task cycle. Enabling the Task Flow debug option will allow you to see what one task cycle is, and how long it lasts.


Usage: renamecity newname [picture ID 1-4]

renamecity BottingRulz
renamecity BottingRulz 3

Change a city's name and (optionally) picture. The picture IDs are as follows:

1 - Citylogo 01.png
2 - Citylogo 02.png
3 - Citylogo 03.png
4 - Citylogo 04.png


Usage: evacuatetown coords
Example: evacuatetown 111,222

This script command will tell the bot to send all troops and resources that it can carry to the specified coordinates from this city, in order for the town to be abandoned later. The bot will leave all of the heroes in the city. You must move them manually. This script should be run before config abandon:1 is used in goals.

To cancel the evacuation use EndEvacuate.


Usage: teleport [state or coords]

teleport saxony
teleport 111,222


friesland, saxony, north march, bohemia,
lower lorraine, franconia, thuringia, moravia,
upper lorraine, swabia, bavaria, carinthia,
burgundy, lombardy, tuscany, romagna

Random teleports your city to the state specified, or if using coordinates instead will advanced teleport your city to the coordinates specified. When trying to advance teleport, the bot will first use the Pioneer teleports available after server merge if you have them.


Usage: abandon XXX,YYY

abandon 111,222

Abandon the valley at 111,222


Usage: AbandonTown [city]

abandontown 111,222
abandontown OtherCity

  • You can only run abandontown from a different city than the one you want to abandon.
  • The city being abandoned can be referred to by name or coordinates.
  • The bot does not check for troops or heroes. Any heroes or troops in the town or travelling from the town will be irreplacably deleted.
  • Be sure your escaping troops have arrived at their destination before abandoning any city.

Abandontown should be used with care. It is best to allow the bot to BUILD NPCs, but for whatever purpose you must use this command DOUBLE CHECK that you have entered the correct coordinates or city name to be abandoned. Be sure to run 'evacuatetown' script command previous to using this command if you have troops or resources in the city to be moved.

There are No 2nd Chances using this command!

There is no crying in baseball. If you accidentaly delete your level 850 training hero, we feel really bad for you, but don't come crying to us. We cannot get it back for you.


Usage: buildcity xxx,yyy
Example: buildcity 111,222

Used to build a city on at 111,222. It will capture the flat for you.

To cancel a city building, use CancelBuildcity.